Family Guy: 10 Biggest Changes Made To The Show

10. The Re-Casting Of Meg

And the re-re-casting of Meg! While this was a huge change in the early days of the show, it was a change for the better, so we're starting out with it. Mila Kunis is the Meg we all know and... love? Sure. Sure she is. Meg. Pfft. However, Mila Kunis was not the original voice for Meg. That was almost Cree Summer, who was originally cast. She was fired by the producers (she later stated that Seth MacFarlane didn't think a black actress would be right for Meg's voice), and MacFarlane's sister took her place for the pilot, making her technically the original Meg recorded. That's the original pilot, not "Death Has a Shadow" however. When the show was picked up, Lacey Chabert played Meg for the first season, making her the first Meg the public got to know. Although some of her episodes wound up airing in the second season, out of order, she was really just there for the first season of filming - she was not credited due to contractual issues. She was credited in the Family Guy 100th Episode Special well after her departure from the series, which she left after the first season due to being busy with Party of Five and her education. According to Seth MacFarlane, there was no animosity, and they brought in Mila Kunis, who was just fifteen when she began voicing Meg on the show. Check out the original pilot below:
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