Family Guy: 10 Most Controversial Moments

The Griffins fall into controversy more often than Meg getting insulted!

Family Guy Partial Terms Of Endearment
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Calling Family Guy a controversial show is like calling a spade a spade. Seth MacFarlane's entire comedy persona revolves around pushing the envelope a little further than many people can handle. Thus, it's no surprise that his seminal work has crossed the line over and over again.

The series has lasted a whopping 19 seasons and, within that time, has shocked audiences all over with its gross-out comedy, political satire and heaping amounts of controversy. There are so many scenes and episodes that have caused outrage, but these coming ten are the ones that did it best (or worst, depending on your perspective).

Now, you can debate whether these moments went too far until the cows come home and never land on a clear answer. Some will stick to their guns and say these gags are shameless and uninspired attempts to shock the audience, whereas others will claim it's simply a healthy dose of self-aware, provocative humour.

Whichever side of the coin you fall on, there's no denying these moments caused quite a stir and that Family Guy will forever live in both infamy and popularity.

10. Michael J. Fox Parody

Family Guy Partial Terms Of Endearment

Michael J. Fox is one of the most beloved figures in Hollywood, not only because of his performances in Family Ties and Back to the Future, but because of the work he's done with Parkinson's disease.

Being a sufferer of this awful condition has made his life and career an uphill struggle. Still, he's brought so much awareness to it and worked so hard to help others that it's turned him into a Hollywood superhero. So naturally, when Family Guy poked fun at him, it turned a few heads.

In the episode "Tiegs for Two", Peter remarks how his third white shirt was ruined by Michael J Fox spilling wine on it at a dinner party. Before cutting to this happening, there's a fake-out gag where Peter comes on screen and explains the cut-away, which he's hesitant to tell as it's in poor taste.

But then, they cut to a shot of Michael J. Fox shaking and knocking the wine onto him. It's pretty tasteless, and the attempts to acknowledge the controversy did little to cleanse the palette of the sourness that came from mocking this very serious disease.

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