Family Guy: 10 Most Paused Moments

Not every joke in Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy is so blatant...

Family Guy Most Paused
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One of Family Guy's most striking characteristics is its uncanny willingness to test social boundaries as well as television censorship guidelines, accompanied by a reluctance to bend for any reason.

While the show's crude nature made it a long-running hit with fans, it also garnered the FCC's and the Parental Television Council's unwelcome interest - encounters that sometimes threatened the show's very existence.

Nevertheless, Family Guy continues on with new episodes in 2020 - two decades after its debut - with its over-the-top and often crass gags. However, it's not just the obvious, in-your-face jokes that make Family Guy funny and help it weather the times.

Seth MacFarlane and the creators of Family Guy make sure to hide additional gags within the show's more noticable jokes. Sometimes in the least expected places, additional punchlines can be found waiting for more observant viewers with a little free time on their hands to notice them.

Other times, these jokes are hidden right in plain sight, only they happen so fast you have to hit the pause button to stop and appreciate them fully...

10. Roger, Bender, And Coach John McGuirk

Family Guy Most Paused
20th Century Studios

Part of Family Guy's rendition of the Star Wars trilogy, the "Blue Harvest" instalment removed the Griffin family from their familiar settings and placed them in a completely different universe. By doing so, the creators opened up a realm of opportunities to explore unconventional plot lines and plenty of fresh jokes.

Family Guy didn't stop there, however. Along with the refreshing break from the show's often formulaic structure, Blue Harvest also saw cameos from other adult cartoons. In the Mos Eisley Cantina scene of "Blue Harvest," viewers might have noticed Roger, the alien from American Dad, sitting at one of the tables - a nod to one of Seth MacFarlane's other animation ventures.

After pausing the opening segment and taking a closer look, though, one might notice a few more outsiders lingering in the background.

Along with Roger, Bender from Futurama and Coach John McGuirk from Home Movies (for some reason) also lurked around. Even though he was a Family Guy character, the Evil Monkey from Chris' room was also spotted joining in on the fun.

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