Family Guy: 10 Worst Things Brian Griffin Has Ever Done

We were all sad when he was killed off, but the people of Quahog probably weren’t.


Even in a show as controversial and dark as Family Guy, Brian Griffin might just be the worst character of the bunch. While Peter can be selfish and brain dead or Quagmire perverted and gross, neither are as smug or self aggrandising as Brian. Even Stewie’s repeated attempt to kill Lois and/or take over the world pale in comparison to just how irredeemably douchey Brian can be.

Of course, this is a huge part of why the audience loves Brian. Family Guy is built off horrible characters, and we’re laughing at them as much as we’re laughing with them. However, it’s undeniable that over the years, Brian has done some pretty deplorable things.

Some entries here are single examples of Brian going above and beyond with his unbridled insufferable-ness, while others are recurring instances of him just being the worst. One of the most annoying things about Brian is that he never ever learns from his mistakes, so it makes sense that there’s some repeated offences in here.

If Brian was a nicer person, Family Guy would be nowhere near as funny. He’s definitely not the kind of person you’d want to hang out with in real life though.

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