Family Guy: 5 Reasons Why Brian's Death Kills The Show

Cheers1This past Sunday, Family Guy in case anyone is still doubting it, Brian Griffin is dead and he's not coming back. At least if Steve Callaghan has anything to say about it. What began as a "fun way to shake things up" has turned into the latest source of fan backlash on the Internet. Well, you can add this writer to the list of people that think this is one of the stupidest ideas since Cousin Oliver showed up to the Brady's doorstep. Killing off Brian is one of those Jump The Shark moments that most TV shows find it hard to recover from. Seeing as Family Guy is already on shaky ground with its continued fanbase, this seems to be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Here's five reasons why this author feels it's time to put Family Guy itself under the bus, and not its most beloved character...
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