Family Guy Quiz: You’ll Never Get 100% On This Peter Griffin Quiz!

How well do you know Family Guy’s Peter Griffin?


Walking the tightrope of politically correct humour and a mainstream audience, Family Guy manages to fuse The Simpsons’ accessibility with South Park’s crude and vulgar stylings to create one of the most critically acclaimed and most viewed mature cartoons of this generation.

Spearheaded by Peter Griffin, Family Guy focuses on his dim-witted and often dangerous exploits. After so many seasons, you would have thought Peter would learn his lessons, but you would be wrong. With each passing season, his antics become bigger, bolder and more excessive, leading to sidesplitting episodes week in week out.

The show teams Peter with a unique ensemble of Quahog natives, supporting his poor choices, painting a vivid picture of the modern American dream.

How well do you know the stand out character from Family Guy? Put down your Pawtucket Patriot and prove how well you really know Peter Griffin with this quiz.

Answers at the end!

1. Which American Football Team Did Peter Play For?


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