Family Guy Quotes Quiz: Who Said It?

Oh Heavens, it appears my wee wee has been stricken with rigor mortis.


Family Guy is your every day animated sitcom about your typical American family living in the suburbs. This would be the case if your typical family owned a talking dog, had an evil genius hellbent on ruling the world for an infant, an extremely neglected daughter and a son so dumb he believes converting to Judaism will naturally enhance his mathematical ability. These are just the children...

Looking at the father of these children it comes to no surprise that they are in need of counseling. Peter's ignorant and self involved views are often hilariously incorrect and regularly offensive. When that is your role model you are doomed, but on the other hand it's usually Peter's antics and comments which tends to carry the series so you give and take.

Of course it's not only Peter and his family that make the show what it is, there is quite a large cast of supporting characters that make the town of Quahog memorable and keeps the episodes feeling fresh.

But how much of a fan of Family Guy are you? Can you tell who said the following quotes?

Answers are at the end!

1. "Isn't 'Bribe' Just Another Word For 'love'?"


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