Family Guy: Stewie's 10 Greatest Moments

9. The Son Also Draws


Often the earlier seasons of Family Guy are overlooked, but I just couldn€™t do so in this case: every aspect of this scene is brilliant. Upon opening the fridge and realising that what he wants is not there, Stewie goes upstairs to give Lois a piece of his mind. However, when he opens the door, he gets quite a fright as he discovers his parents having sex. In the next scene, he is sat in his highchair, whilst Lois tries to give an explanation for her actions, to which he replies with blank stares and horrified sarcasm. His reactions are those that would be expected of a teenager, not a one year old baby who cannot comprehend such an act, but this is what makes Stewie so great. The situation is then exacerbated by Brian, who tells Stewie that a similar act had also occurred in the bath that Stewie uses. Although the reaction is unrealistic for a baby, the audience is able to relate to the horror of the situation, given the untold horrors we all went through as teenagers faced with the prospect that our parents actually have sex recreationally.

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