Final Space Season 2: 6 Reasons To Be Excited

This time, there are more than cookies on the line.


Final Space was one of those out-of-nowhere treats which quickly transformed into a new fan-favourite. In an age where animated sci-fi comedy is well trod and Rick and Morty reigns supreme, Olan Rogers' action-charged space opera made a space and filled it. Viewers latched on, momentum built, and now... Second series, here we come!

As the way it should be with a second series, everything looks bigger, better and a bucket-load more intense. Gary and his intrepid colleagues are set to cross the breach, and face threats which make the Lord Commander seem positively docile. Incidentally, there's no certainty that we've seen that last of that guy either.

Judging by the suitably awesome trailers, the team behind this show are having a hell of a lot of fun, and this surely means that the viewers will too. For those who have not yet acquainted themselves, there is still time to catch up on the mega slick ten chapters of Series 1. Otherwise, here are some of the finest points to look forward to in the run up to the new season.

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