Firefly: Every Main Character Ranked From Worst To Best

The crew of Serenity were all shiny, but which were the best?


The cult classic series Firefly is often touted as one of the best Sci-Fi shows in the history of TV, and the most disappointing title to have been cancelled before it had the chance to shine. This project - headed by Joss Whedon - gave us such a unique approach to the genre, as it took the best elements of the Wild West and brought them to space.

Firefly worked because of its grand concepts and fascinating world-building, but the glue that held the series together and made it a cult favourite were the exceedingly compelling cast members. The Serenity crew were a tightly bound collection of travellers, mercenaries and fugitives who grew to become a family.

While most shows have clear fan-favourites and weaker roles, this series did not, as every single character was lorded by sections of the fan-base, making it one of the most formidable casts to analyse. However, although it's a difficult challenge, it is not impossible, as this list will strive to place the crew in a hierarchy based on their charm, contribution to the show and popularity.

This article will contain some minor spoilers.

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