First Look At David Tennant's Villain And LUKE CAGE (!) In Jessica Jones Stills

Marvel/Netflix have their work cut out to top Daredevil.

Daredevil was awesome, right? Like, so awesome it had the internet grind to a standstill on the weekend of release as everyone binged all thirteen episodes; so awesome everyone immediately wiped away all memories of the Ben Affleck version; so awesome it might be the best thing Marvel's ever produced. Will Marvel strike gold again with Jessica Jones, their second series in co-production with the streaming service? We've got a couple of months to wait before we find out, although these newly released stills suggest at the very least the series will be retaining that same gloomy outlook as the Man Without Fear's; they show the main cast all looking very serious, alternatively scared, thoughtful or, most prominently, angry. Don't expect any Iron Man-level quips here. Importantly, hese offer the first look at some very important characters - David Tennant as villain Kilgrave (no mention of Purple Man in the press release) and, much more importantly, Mike Colter as Luke Cage, who is set to get his own series at some point next year. Feast your eyes on the stills below and start getting excited for the show, which follow's Krysten Ritter's eponymous superhero-cum-P.I. as she tries to escape from her past.
Jessica Jones will be available to stream on Netflix from November 20th.

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