First Trailer For New THUNDERCATS T.V. Series

It€™s hardly worth being upset anymore that cartoons, characters and series that we hold dear from our youth are uniformly exploited by a craven corporate creative industry uniformly dictated by marketing. The fact that those responsible, no more so than wobble-cam buffoon Michael Bay, could fill his Olympic sized swimming pool with money for his various crimes against cinema and memory are indicative of the grotesque rewards 21st century capitalism affords the amoral and artless. Under such circumstances, it is little wonder that a reboot of hit Saturday morning cartoon, Thundercats, has been speculated upon for several years. Initially it seemed likely that a Paul Sopocy (It€™s Alive) script would be turned into a CGI feature, and then a rather specious sounding live action film was suggested. Now, however, Warner Bros- who secured the rights to the series after a sequence of studio mergers in the early 90s- have employed Japanese animators Studio 4°C to provide a stylish new manga aesthetic for a brand new TV series. The new series will not feature any of the original voice actors (except a cameo appearance by the original Lion-O, Larry Kenney) and has been pencilled in for a reboot on the Cartoon Network beginning in late spring. Here's the newly released trailer;
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