Frank Darabont Axes All WALKING DEAD Writers For Series Two

Mike Fleming is reporting that show-runner Frank Darabont has axed his writing staff on the successful AMC series The Walking Dead, and is forgoing a dedicated team in order to use freelancers for the already greenlit series two. It's a complete overhaul, everybody out, including Darabont's No. 2 and seemingly right hand man and exceutive producer Charles Eglee. The first season, which ends on Sunday, had six episodes - of which the pilot and hour 2 was written by Darabont. Though it's said Darabont and creator Robert Kirkman heavily re-wrote them all, so presumably Darabont wants more control this time around and will just seek out more help when he wants it? Deadline say no final decision has been made yet but it's looking like this is how it will play for season two. Having watched all episodes to date, I will say the Darabont-scripted episodes have been the strongest. Series two, which will debut next October- has an increased order of 13 episodes.
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