Frasier: 10 Guests Stars You Forgot Were On The Show

Oh baby I hear... who's calling?


Only Game of Thrones has won more Emmy Awards than Frasier. Think about that for a moment.

The show is renowned for its unseen guest stars which would phone-in on Frasier’s talk radio show. Ben Stiller, Macaulay Caulkin and Laura Linney were among memorable celebrity callers. The latter of whom became a major character in the shows final season. The finale titled Goodnight, Seattle also featured a star-studded line-up including Robbie Coltrane and Richard E. Grant as Daphne's brothers.

With rumours rife of a revival for the sitcom, all fans would no doubt love to see some of these characters come back into the show, especially as they’re now all famous in their own right.

Many one-episode guest stars included memorable appearances from the Cheers cast such as Ted Danson or Woody Harrelson, but there are some that are not as easily remembered.

10. Elvis Costello


Better known for his music, pub rock pioneer Elvis Costello starred in the Season 10 episode Farewell Nervosa.

Naturally, Costello plays a coffee shop musician named Ben. His rowdy folk songs and bumbling English charm was mismatched with Frasier's penchant for peaceful conversation. Costello was clearly toning down the talent dial a bit, as the Pump It Up singer put on a gawdy Cockney accent.

While Frasier felt compelled to leave the coffee shop, Niles is recruited as Ben's percussionist. Costello fans may also recognise the character was named after his original surname McManus, with the episode also focussing on Frasier's accountant Avery McManus' affair.

Costello has since also appeared in the sitcoms 30 Rock and Two and a Half Men.

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