Friends: 25 Greatest Episodes

23. The One Where Ross Got High (S6E9)

Friends The One Where Ross Got High

The Episode

The gang come together for Thanksgiving, with Rachel making an 'English trifle' for dessert. Ross and Joey want to go hang out with Janine and her dancer friends, Phoebe has a crush on Jack Geller, and the truth comes out about why Monica's parents don't like Chandler.

Why It's Great

Most of Friends' Thanksgiving episodes are excellent, largely because they often feature that hallmark of the series' quality: the gang all together in the apartment.

It helps that Jack features prominently, since he's one of the show's most underrated characters, but the entire episode is comedy gold.

Seriously, what's not to like? Ross revealing he was the one who smoked pot? Good. Rachel putting beef in the trifle? Good. Everyone having a breakdown and Judy sorting out the entire mess? GOOOOOOOD!


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