Friends: 9 Best Halloween Costumes

If you need a Halloween costume idea, you should check out this list!

Friends Chandler Bing

Masquerading as a sitcom, Friends is a lifebook for desperate adults all over the world. A guideline to eating, dating, breaking up, marriage, divorce, cooking, cleaning, working, singing, acting and, of course, dressing up.

Whoever the face was behind the outfit choices was a fashion genius. Monica with that rocking red dress. Phoebe and the stop eating hot outfit. Rachel, well the list here is endless. From the “Frankie Says Relax” t-shirt to going commando in that hot green dress, she was a true '90s fashionista.

It wasn't just the girls who managed to pull off some hot looks however. The guys managed to pull off every outfit they were given and Halloween was no exception. Even Chandler managed to make the pink bunny costume look cool.

If google failed you on your recent “Halloween costume ideas” search and you're still on the lookout, check out this list of some of the best costumes that appeared on Friends over the years.

9. Gunther - Charlie Brown

Friends Chandler Bing

If you're a Friends expert, you know that Ross was not the only one who was hopelessly in love with Rachel.

The symbol of Central Perk, the sexy blonde who made his way to Judy Geller’s "list" of people she can sleep with without cheating, was desperately into Rachel. Always shy, embosomed by his insecurities, Gunther never got a real chance to confess his love.

Not to mention his bad luck. What about the time Mark asked Rachel out before he did? Did he remind you of someone? If not, just remember his cute and funny Halloween costume. Or did you miss the guy in the Yellow zig zag shirt, dressed as Charlie Brown?

Both almost bold, yellow oriented. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Simple, but sophisticated at the same time. Go Gunther, we root for you.


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