Friends Cast: Where Are They Now?

So no one told them life was gonna be this way... after leaving Friends?


Friends is one of the biggest sitcoms of all time, still pulling in massive audiences through syndication and streaming 15 years after it ended. There’s even been talk of people dropping Netflix if Friends is removed; it’s that important to people.

That’s no surprise, really. The adventures of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey were as relatable and endearing as they were hilarious. It’s still the benchmark most sitcoms are held up against today. Behind the scenes, group negotiation for the star’s salaries meant the gang were set up for life too.

What happened to them afterwards though? They made enough money to retire, but none of the them did. With the 25th anniversary of the premiere coming up in September (and a celebratory Lego set releasing), now seems a good time to look back and reflect.

As well as the main six, the spotlight is being turned onto some of the major guest stars the show had, especially those who went on to have interesting careers. With a ten year run, there’s so many actors that it was impossible to include them all, and the likes of Elliot Gould who had their major success pre Friends have been left out too.

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