Friends: Every Halloween And Thanksgiving Episode Ranked

11. The One With The List

Friends Thanksgiving

Most fans probably remember this less as a Thanksgiving episode and more as one of the early seasons' quintessential Ross and Rachel episodes. Not only does the list itself result in two of the episode's most memorable scenes, but Rachel calling the radio station at the end to have Ross's makeup song yanked from the air is one of the funnier gags to come out of the couple's repetitive conflicts throughout the series.

Though memorable, some of the episode's conflict beats don't quite stand the test of time. Rachel's expression of self-doubt, and the betrayal she feels over Ross putting her harshest self-criticisms on paper, is so heart-wrenchingly relatable that it should've stood on its own. The suggestion that any amount of her anger would stem from misunderstanding an obvious typo seems not only silly, but borderline disrespectful to the character.

Our only real connection to Thanksgiving in this episode is Monica's new job creating Mockolate recipes, a simple yet amusing storyline enhanced by Michael McKean's appearance as her lovably naïve employer.

This episode's also a pretty nice throwback for 90s kids, solely for Chandler's enthusiasm over his new state-of-the-art gaming laptop. It's even got a 500 MB hard drive!

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