Friends: Every Halloween And Thanksgiving Episode Ranked

8. The One With Chandler In A Box

Friends Thanksgiving

This episode pulls off a feat that few (if any) sitcoms have achieved or even attempted. The lead-up to Chandler's wordless acceptance of Kathy's breakup with him is so skillfully crafted that the emotional climax of the episode hits home without actually showing or even voicing the character at its focal point.

It's incredible just how much emotional tension the episode milks from a single shot of a motionless box, but the skillful execution of this one scene doesn't excuse the forced resolution that follows. Joey's main problem wasn't just Chandler's betrayal, but actually seeing him and Kathy together. This aspect of the tension feels too easily resolved.

This episode also features a rather bland storyline involving Monica's attraction to Richard's son, a problem that feels like it should be more consequential than it winds up being. It's a poorly executed B-plot that might've been better left unexplored.

As an interesting side note, this episode contains one of the more popularized goofs in the series. Watch closely during a particular Central Perk scene, and you'll see a random potato sitting on a cake stand. Seems that Gunther's even more inept than Rachel when it comes to preparing suitable Thanksgiving desserts.

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