Friends: Only Joey Tribbiani EXPERTS Can 100% This Quiz

Friends quiz - The impossible Joey Tribbiani questions you'll never 100%.

Joey friends shower

Friends just wouldn't be the same without the presence of its food-and-sex-obsessed budding actor Joey Tribbiani.

Joey may not have been the sharpest knife in the drawer across the show's seasons, but played so perfectly by Matt LeBlanc as he was, his charm and aloof hilarity effortlessly endeared him to audiences all the same.

All in all, Joey's heart is (mostly) in the right place despite his obvious flaws, and his immensely laid-back nature makes him a much-needed compliment to, well, everyone else in the show.

Joey could always be relied upon to diffuse a tricky situation with his goofy sense of humour, and bring a unique perspective to any given scenario. Who would have it any other way?

But how well do you really know Joey? From his work to his relationships and everything in-between, you'll need an obsessive, encyclopedic knowledge of Mr. Tribbiani's life and times to get anywhere close to 100% on this quiz.

But fear not no matter how you do, because the answers are at the end as ever. Good luck!

1. Who ISN'T One Of Joey's Sisters?


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