Friends: Only REAL UNAGI Can Help You Score 100% On This True Or False Ross Geller Quiz!

Do you have a Ph.D. in the Ross-A-Tron?


Ross Geller was introduced to audiences at a difficult time in his life. Mid-divorce and realistically rather close to a breakdown, it’s almost unfair to judge Ross based on his characteristics from the first series, which, let’s face it, weren't great.

While Ross never lost his over-zealous and nit-picking traits, they became more and more relatable when the audience started to understand he was truly a kind and caring guy simply transitioning through his life.

Little did anyone see the radical changes he would go through over Friends’ 10-year span, growing and evolving more than anyone else to become a firm fan favourite.

Ross isn’t the funniest or the most open-minded character, but he has a host of intricate traits that create a truly unique persona. His geeky side is replaced with a more cheeky side as the seasons roll on, growing in confidence and cementing his position within the fans’ hearts.

How well do you really know the most relatable star on Friends? Only people in a true state of Unagi will help with this quiz.

Answers at the end!

1. Chandler's Mother Said The Line, "I've Always Liked You Ross".


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