Friends Or Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Am I - Chandler Bing Or Jake Peralta?

Chandler M. Bing from Central Perk or Jacob "Jake" Peralta from Brooklyn's 99th Precinct?

Chandler Friends Jake Brooklyn Nine Nine

Chandler Bing from Friends and Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine are the very first names that come to mind when you think hilarious!

In fact, Chandler Bing was the one who invented the humour algorithm by setting unimaginably high standards. The epic combination of truth and sarcasm in the form of sharp one liners is, of course, the key to his success. He is funny, sophisticated, and he's very loveable, once you get to know him. Jake Peralta picked right where Chandler left off. Although some find him cocky, the majority of fans think he is brilliant.

However, unlike the Dropper Chan Chan man, who obviously lacked confidence, Detective Right-All-The-Time was way too overweening, which made him even more charming. Besides, Jake’s job was challenging and creative, whereas Chandler, despite being imaginative and funny, had an extremely boring job, where one should work late and worry about WENUS. Luckily, at the end of the series, he managed to get an advertising job that perfectly fit with his personality.

Well, keep in mind all these similarities and differences while trying this mind blowing quiz about the world’s coolest detective Jake Peralta and his equal, legendary Chandler Bing.

1. I Am An Ashkenazi-Sephardic Jewish American New Yorker.


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