Friends Or Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Am I - Joey Or Jake?

Joey Tribbiani and Jake Peralta - two of New York's best loved sitcom characters - but who is who?


Two iconic sitcoms set in New York City both star a loveable, dim-witted goofball. Joey Tribbiani (played by Matt LeBlanc) from Friends and Jake Peralta (played by Andy Samberg) from Brooklyn Nine-Nine are two of the best loved comedic characters from two shows from very different comedic eras.

Dim-witted struggling actor Joey Tribbiani bounces through numerous roles on the silver screen in New York City's entertainment industry throughout the show, highlighted by a stint on Days of Our Lives where he was killed off for daring to try to claim he wrote his own lines.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Jake Peralta is an off-beat, cocky slacker police officer in the 99th Precinct who needs frequent reminders to take his badge and its responsibilities more seriously than he cares to.

Both shows are loved for their upbeat, entertaining and zany humour, which shines through both Joey and Jake. Whilst both characters have plenty in common, there's also plenty of differences between the 1990's struggling actor and the 2010's goofball cop. Can you tell Joey from Jake and vice versa. Take this quiz and find out!

Answers at the end!

1. I Said "The Doctor Said All My Bleeding Was Internal. That's Where The Blood's Supposed To Be."


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