Friends Or Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Did It - Joey And Chandler Or Jake And Boyle?

Which fan-favourite duo rules the New York comedy scene?

Friends Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Everybody needs a wingman, a partner in crime, and someone who telepathically understands them. The television world has seen a plethora of such magical "bromances," "sismances", and platonic friendships.

Sometimes, something as simple as a pair of best buds can elevate a good show into the realm of a great show. And there is nothing better than two man-child running around plotting hilarious hijinks, causing side-splitting chaos wherever they go.

Without a doubt, Friends created the most famous duo to ever hit the small screen in Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing, as they became the blueprint bromance for genuine chemistry-driven friendships. The pair created memorable shenanigans throughout the late nineties and early twenties, becoming a thrust behind Friends' meteoric success.

A modern take on them is Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle, a.k.a. "The Night Boyz". They are each other's right hand (and occasionally left hand), with Jake taking the prominent role with Charles following with wide-open eyes.

These two fan-favourite duos are the centre of their respective shows. So, it's only fitting to have a quiz based on them. So between all this love for these two iconic brotastic duos, can you tell them apart from their hilarious actions alone?

1. Which Duo Created The ‘No-Look Five’?


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