Friends Or How I Met Your Mother Cameo Quiz: Which Show Did These Celebrities Appear In?

Which sitcom did these celebrities appear in?

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Friends and How I Met Your Mother are two of the most popular sitcoms ever. Both shows dominated the rating in their respective eras.

Whilst it's been a while since these shows aired their final season, they are still just as popular, if not more so, living on through streaming sites. They are often compared and put against one another in a sitcom civil war situation.

No matter if you pick a side in this situation or stay neutral, the impact on pop culture from the two sitcoms can not be denied.

Neither show would have been complete however without their celebrity cameos and screaming studio audiences to match. Whether these stars are playing themselves, hiding in the background, or someone related to the main characters, it's always a delight to see them.

Some celebrities have only appeared in one of these shows, while some have has managed to appear in both.

It's time to see if you were paying attention during your repeated binges of the shows. Which celebrities caught your eye and which slipped under the radar?

Do you know which show these celebrities appeared in?

1. Britney Spears


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