Friends Or How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Joey & Chandler Or Ted & Marshall

Who well do you know sitcom bromances?


Think you know your sitcom bromances? Well, have we got the test for you.

Friends and How I Met Your Mother weren't just about finding true love with a friend, they were also about that special kind of true love that already exists between two men (and possibly pizza or "sandwiches" thrown in on the side). As such, each of the had some of the best bromance moments of all time - and the true lords of bromance were the guys who lived together.

There might be some question of who is the real best friend to Ted and Chandler in HIMYM and Friends, but in our heart of hearts we all know that it was Ted's oldest friend Marshall (and not Barney, despite how much he protested) and for Chandler it was Joey. He might not have known him as long as Ross, but they just meshed better from the moment they met as adults.

But how well do you really know those defining relationships?

Answers at the end!

1. Who Frequently Went On Road Trips To Gazzola’s Pizza Parlour?


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