Friends Or How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Did It - Chandler Or Marshall?

Was it Ms. Chanandler Bong or Vanilla Thunder?

How I Met Your Mother/Friends

Friends and How I Met Your Mother are two of the most famous modern-day sitcoms. Both shows enjoy massive fame and boast dedicated global fanbases, ensuring their longevity and mainstay in pop culture trends. Both sitcoms share many similarities, and HIMYM is often referred to as Friends' successor.

From being set up in New York to being centred around a group of entirely comparable individuals, both sitcoms are often the topic of character debate among fans.

Ross and Ted are comparable as the protagonist hopeless romantics, and so are Joey and Barney as their group's resident womanisers. On similar note, Chandler and Marshall also share contrasting traits.

From occupational hazards to questionable romantic decisions, 'Ms Chanandler Bong' and 'Big Fudge' posses the perfect mix of terrible luck, equally terrible decision-making and indecisiveness to deliver countless memorable moments that have fans laughing through every episode.

Knowing both shows spanned over two hundred episodes and Marshall and Chandler's habit of landing themselves in sticky, albeit completely bonkers situations, how hard will it be to separate these two icons based on their actions? With that question in mind, here's a quiz for their fans.

Can you tell the sarcasm king Chandler Bing and the fan-favourite lawyer Marshall Eriksen apart?

1. Who Once Swallowed $5 Worth Of Quarters?


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