Friends Or How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Did It - Monica Or Lily?

Only Chandler and Marshall will be able to score 100% on this quiz.

Friends/How I Met Your Mother Quiz

Friends and How I Met Your Mother are two of the most popular sitcoms of all time and have major fan bases. Both shows have created some hilarious episodes of television.

When the sitcom How I Met Your Mother aired in 2005, many Friends loyalists and sharp-eyed fans have observed several similarities between the two shows.

They are both set in New York City and focus on a group of friends growing and adapting to work and love, seeing the ups and downs of that growth. Both groups have hopeless romantics, Ross and Ted, and a womaniser, Joey and Barney.

The female characters that have much in common are Monica and Lily. At first sight, these two are completely different. However, if fans take a closer look, they will understand their similarities. Monica and Lily are the nurturing, dependable “mom” figures of their friend groups. They also love being in control. They share a love for cooking gourmet food. And they each have one guilty pleasure - for Monica, it’s the cleaning and for Lily, it’s shopping.

But how well do you remember Candy Lady and Lilypad? Can you correctly identify which of the following things were done by which character?

Answers at the end!

1. Who Dated The Son Of An Ex-Boyfriend?


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