Friends Or How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Said It - Joey Or Barney?

Which legendary guy said it?


Charming, charismatic, and caddish. Barney can be a selfish pleasure-seeker, and probably not a guy you want dating your sister, but somehow everything is just more fun when he's around. He genuinely cares about his friends, and when it comes down to the important stuff, he will do anything for them.

Similarly, Joey Tribbiani is one alluring and gorgeous ladies man who's never looking for anything that lasts more than a night. Though this ungentlemanly behaviour might sometimes feel selfish and annoying, his unfeigned stupidity, endless charm and tender-hearted nature make up for it, carving out one caring, trustworthy best friend.

While both Joey and Barney toyed with real relationships throughout their time, they spent most of their lives single and in pursuit of as many female companions as possible. While Joey relied on his looks and charm, Barney took pleasure in creating the most elaborate and ridiculous ways of finding a partner for the night.

Can you see the similarities between these two infamous playboy characters? Joey and Barney's sexual romps with the opposite sex are as legendary as their shows, making them two unique TV characters cut from the same cloth. Can you tell them apart from these quotes alone?

Answers are at the end!

1. “What Do You Say We Go Out To Dinner, Have Some Chicken... Maybe Some Sex?”


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