Friends Or How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Said It, Joey Tribbiani Or Barney Stinson?

Which sitcom lothario said it?


Both Friends and How I Met Your Mother found success because of their characters and there was a lot to be said for how they balanced different types of people together. Some of whom you might not ordinarily think would be friends.

There was a slightly bumbling, good-hearted guy (Chandler and Marshall), an occasionally fiery mama type (Lily and Monica), a more straight-laced (but still very goofy) professional (Ted and Ross) and the supposed "perfect girl" (Rachel and Robyn). So far, so normal. And then there was the lovers - Barney and Joey - both promiscuous multi-daters with a huge appetite for sex rather than romance who both ended up finding the true value of love and still mostly being alone anyway.

In both cases, they even temporarily ended up with the "main guy's" One for a while before the will-they-won't-they couples found their way together. And because of their similarities, they were also two of the most quotable characters in their shows. But do you remember which one of them said what?

Answers at the end!

1. "Maybe YOU Need Sex, I Had Sex A Couple Days Ago."


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