Friends Or How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Said It, Monica Or Lily?

Which of the real bosses of these iconic sitcoms said these lines?


Without the female characters, How I Met Your Mother and Friends wouldn't the same at all. They'd both be about dysfunctional man children failing to get on with their lives and making a series of terrible mistakes. They need their wives, girlfriends and friends to guide them along the road sensibly.

And even beyond the roles they're given in that respect, they're great characters in their own right, with absolutely no Meg Griffin Syndrome at work in either show. Both Monica Geller and Lily Aldrin work highly stressful jobs, are matriarchs and often very much guided by their passions and they both fall in love with loveable shlubs who were probably beneath them. But both, at least partly, married for friendship and laughter and love. And that's something to aspire to for everyone.

Perhaps they're not the most obviously quotable characters - mostly because they're genuinely nice people - but Monica and Lily have had some of the most memorable lines in each of their shows. And they're more often than not involved in the most memorable scenes.

Now, you just have to prove you remember which one said what...

Answers at the end!

1. "I've Got This Uncontrollable Need To Please People."

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