Friends Or How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Said It – Monica Or Lily?

Can you tell these two ladies apart?

Friends How I Met Your Mother

Friends and How I Met Your Mother are definitely two of the most famous sitcoms about a group of friends living in New York City, trying hard to navigate their relationships, jobs, and social lives.

The similarities between the two have been pointed out many times, and it’s no secret that the latter has been inspired by the former. Friends was such a cultural touchstone that it inevitably had to inspire many shows that followed. However, few of them have been as successful in their own right as How I Met Your Mother.

Both groups of friends have a sort of a “mother hen” type character in them, and they are, of course, Monica Geller and Lily Aldrin, respectively. They have their own individual quirks and flaws, but they are both seen by their friends as the ones that can offer the soundest advice in a time of crisis.

Their outlooks on life aren’t identical, but there is a lot of crossover, which is apparent in some of their quotes. You could easily swap around some of these and things wouldn’t change that much. It would be interesting to see Monica give Ted some dating advice, though, wouldn’t it?

1. “And Remember: If I Am Harsh With You, It’s Only Because You’re Doing It Wrong.”


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