Friends Or How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Said It - Ross Geller Or Ted Mosby?

Which one of our favourite hopeless romantics said it?

ross and ted

There is no denying that Friends and How I Met Your Mother share numerous similarities. Set in New York City, both shows follow the lives of a group of adults trying to navigate dating, work and everything in between, while laughing it all away with friends.

The similarities don't just end on the storylines, but even some characters share the same genes. The Joey and Barney debate is well known, but it rarely gets mentioned how much Ted Mosby and Ross Geller have in common.

Every sitcom needs a lead hopeless-romantic character, and usually, their story follows pinning over a beautiful woman in their friend group. Ross fell for Rachel way back in high school and carried on his crush when Rachel joined the group. Similarly, Ted fell for Robin the second he laid eyes on her. Eventually, he ends up with the girl of his dreams, and so does Ross!

Throughout the entirety of their respective shows, both characters go through plentiful heartaches while grasping new vocations and letting go of old ones. Starring as the centre of most pivotal storylines, both Ross and Ted were part of iconic moments, and it's hard to imagine Friends without Ross or HIMYM without Ted.

It's time to see if you can you tell these two hopeless romantics apart from the following quotes.

1. "Live Every Day To The Fullest. Love Yourself."


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