Friends Or Parks And Recreation Quiz: Who Said It - Joey Tribbiani Or Andy Dwyer?

Dr Drake Ramoray or Burt Macklin? Holden McGroin or Johnny Karate? Joey or Andy?

Friends Parks and Recreation

When discussing the shows Friends and Parks and Recreation, you're likely to hear many people call Joey Tribbiani and Andy Dwyer their favourite characters. It's certainly hard to argue with that as they're both popular fan-favourites. Easily lovable, laugh-out-loud funny and wholesome to the bone, they've really got it all.

There's also one word that comes to mind when you think of these two, and that's Himbo. These two enthusiastic and, let's just say, less than bright fellas are lacking a little in the common sense department, but make up for it with passion, positivity and the ability to be a great friend. That's truly an admirable quality.

But, while they use all these qualities to form completely different characters, there's still a tonne of crossover between them. You can look at many of the lines from each of these characters and struggle to answer which of them said it, which is what you're here to do today.

Let's delve right into it as you try to sort between the Days Of Our Lives alumnus and the lead singer of Mouse Rat.

1. "Don't You Put Words In People's Mouths. You Put Turkey In People's Mouths."


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