Friends Or Parks And Recreation Quiz: Who Said It - Phoebe Or Leslie?

Was it Central Perk's local musician or Pawnee's favourite councilwoman?

Friends Parks and Recreation

Friends and Parks and Recreation are two sitcoms that feel so similar yet couldn't be further apart. One is a goofy comedy in a standard live studio audience format focussing on the everyday lives of a group of friends, and the other is a mockumentary about the inner workings of a governmental department. But, although they seem opposite on paper, there are lots of reasons to link them.

Both shows are considered classics that went on to make big changes in the genre. Part of the reason for their success comes down to something they shared, that being memorable characters. The ensemble casts in both shows are incredibly unique, and one unconventional pairing is that of Phoebe and Leslie.

Despite being from essentially different worlds (Phoebe as a quirky artisan and Leslie an uptight rule fanatic), they share plenty of similarities. Some obvious ones are their hair colour, energetic natures and the fact they've both given birth to triplets - that last one being an exceptionally unique comparison.

Thanks to their shared qualities, you might have some trouble figuring out which of them gave the following quotes. So, grab some waffles, switch off your phalanges and see how big a fan you are.

1. "I Am Big Enough To Admit That I Am Often Inspired By Myself."


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