Friends Or Parks And Recreation Quiz: Who Said It - Ross Geller Or Ben Wyatt?

Was it the "Dinosaur Guy", or the "Cones of Dunshire Guy"?

Friends Parks and Recreation

One of the best things you can take from a sitcom is the feeling of camaraderie. Seeing a group of friends laughing together is fun and makes you pine for that kind of chemistry. This works especially well when you've got great and relatable characters at the forefront. For Friends, that was the goofy lead Ross, and for Parks and Recreation, it was the ever-beloved Ben Wyatt.

The best word to describe these two right off the bat is dorky. They're the kind of people you could have a pleasant conversation with, so long as you don't mind a host of board game trivia or National Geographic documentaries. But, they are also so much more than this, as they're relatable, sensitive, charming, and a laugh riot.

However, while these similarities give the pair a strong connection across their shows, it also makes it a tricky task to sort out which of them said these following quotes. Because even the most unique palaeontologist or state auditor can sometimes sound a little similar.

So, it's time for you to break out your sitcom knowledge and see if you can sort between these adorkable gents.

1. "No. I Don't Know How I'm Going To Die. Wait, Are You Asking Me Or Telling Me?"


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