Friends Or The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Said It - Gunther Or Stuart?

The ultimate showdown, Central Perk vs The Comic Centre of Pasadena!!

Friends The Big Bang Theory

Most of the time, when you walk into a store, be it a coffee shop or a comic-book place, you've got no idea what kind of person will be serving you. While talking to strangers is frowned upon, people do it all the time when going about their daily shopping. But, there's a real comfort to seeing a familiar face behind the counter, and these two characters embody that.

Gunther from Friends and Stuart from The Big Bang Theory are not people you could describe as socialites. They're both awkward, shy and slightly creepy. Yet despite their drawbacks, they are both charming in their own kind of way. This is what helped to make them such integral parts of their respective sitcoms.

You would think that a coffee shop manager and a comic-book store owner would have very little in common, but you'd be surprised. When looking through the quotes of these unsung heroes, you'll find it way harder to figure out who said it than you might think.

So, grab a latte, put away your copy of Astonishing X-Men and see how well you fare.

1. "Hey, Buddy? This Is A Family Place. Put The Mouse Back In The House."


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