Friends Or The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Said It - Joey Tribbiani Or Penny Hofstadter

The most promiscuous and popular characters in The Big Bang Theory and Friends!


If you were to run a poll of the absolute best sitcoms of the modern era, it seems inevitable that it would come down to two shows: The Big Bang Theory and Friends.

These two shows experienced the sort of sustained success and quality that few series in the history of television have, with Big Bang wracking up 12 seasons, while Friends picked up an impressive ten.

Zoning in on two particular characters here, though, this quiz is all about Kaley Cuoco’s Penny and Matt LeBlanc’s Joey.

Both of these characters are known – or at least were initially known, in Penny’s case – for there rather promiscuous nature, and there’s an argument to be made that both Penny and Joey were the most popular characters in their respective shows. Often feeling like the everyman/everywoman of their series, Penny and Joey struck a certain chord with watching audiences.

If you like to think of yourself as an all-round TV nut with a penchant for The Big Bang Theory and Friends, this is the perfect quiz for you – as we ask whether it was Penny or Joey who said each of these lines of dialogue!

1. “You Can’t Just Give Up! Is That What A Dinosaur Would Do?”


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