Friends Or The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Said It - Monica Geller Or Sheldon Cooper?

Which clean freak said it - Monica Geller Or Sheldon Cooper?

Monica and Sheldon

Friends is one of the most beloved TV shows that changed the course of the sitcom world during the 90s, and later on, that sitcom legacy was carried by the fan-favourite Big Bang Theory. With a fan base spanning across the globe, both shows top the binge-watching charts, and there's just no touching the heights of their fandom.

While exceptional writing and on-point jokes take the credit for their success, nothing can be taken away from the exemplary characters. Both shows boast a lineup of legendary characters, and some characters from each show share an overlapping DNA of habits and quirks.

Monica Geller and Sheldon Cooper from their respective shows share some common traits. Both characters share a tightly wound and so-called uncool persona. They both strive to be the best at whatever they do, and their OCD and rule-based habits mostly strike as annoying, but always result in hilarious situations.

Due to their similarities, sometimes it's hard to differentiate between a Monica quote and a Sheldon quote. So, here's a fun quiz to test fans. Can you tell them apart by these quotes alone?

1. "Rules Are Good! Rules Help Control The Fun!"


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