Friends Or The Big Bang Theory Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Ross Or Raj?

Can you tell these two intellectual hopeless romantics apart?

Friends Ross Big Bang Theory Raj

Friends and The Big Bang Theory are two of the most popular TV shows to arrive from the sitcom pool. Spanning more than 500 episodes between them, the two series enjoy massive, dedicated global fanbases.

Popularity is not the only common factor this pair of sitcom giants share. With the same premise of a close-knit group in their 20s walking through the trials and tribulations of jobs, dating and friendships, TBBT and Friends share the same DNA.

Both hilarious in their own way, the two series even share many character similarities. Chandler and Howard possess the same sarcastic gene with multiple parental issues; Rachel and Penny share the same bubbly, charming girl next door vibes; and then there's the two lovable, hopeless romantics - Ross and Raj.

Whether it's their awkward flirting, clumsiness, intelligence or ability to land themselves in the most precarious of situations, the two hilarious Rs keep fans laughing throughout each episode.

Both characters highlight some of the most iconic moments from their respective shows. And while Dr Ross Geller and Dr Rajesh Koothrappali don't share similar ethnic backgrounds, they do share the same gene for delivering legendary quotes. So, here's a quiz to celebrate these two lovable sitcom characters.

Can you tell these two PhD holders apart from these quotes alone?

Answers at the end!

1. "I Got Dumped During Sex!"


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