Friends Or The Simpsons Quiz: Who Did It - Joey Tribbiani Or Homer Simpson?

Who has the bigger appetite for comedy?


Joey Tribbiani and Homer Simpson are easily two of the funniest and most recognisable characters on television, instantly identifiable by their memorable quotes and hilarious antics.

While they are separated by the third dimension, they are connected by their lack of intelligence and their mutual love for food – which borderlines on obsessive.

Homer is the granddaddy of the animated realm, forging the way for The Simpsons to survive for 30 seasons. It’s common knowledge that the show is past its prime but Homer has been the one true constant, delivering rib tickling laughs with each and every episode.

Joey has always been seen as the instant comedy relief on Friends and his heart of gold outweighs all of his other short comings. Joey is an all-round good guy, which is hard to find in the saturated sitcom market.

Everyone knows that Joey doesn’t share food, and the consequences of getting between Homer and his beer, but how well do you really know these two timeless characters? Can you tell them apart from their escapades alone?

Answers at the end!

1. Who Ate 100 Slices Of Processed American Cheese In One Sitting?

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