Friends Or The Simpsons Quiz: Who Said It - Joey Tribbiani Or Homer Simpson?

They're hilarious, they're not the smartest and they both LOVE food.

Friends/The Simpsons Quiz

Joey Tribbiani and Homer Simpson are two of the most iconic titans in comedy. Despite their differences (like the fact one is a yellow cartoon character), they both teach us a lot about enjoying the simple life.

The stars of Friends and The Simpsons have a plethora of insightful, philosophically-stimulating truths to share with their audience. Whether it's ruminating on the quality of food, explaining the essence of love and relationships, or grappling with the foundations of linguistics, these two are pioneers in the fields of wisdom.

But do you know your Joey-isms from your Homer-thoughts? If you count yourself a fan of one of these shows, you should have no problem discerning Mr. Tribbiani from Mr. Simpson... right?

Here are some quotes to test just how closely you were watching Joey and Homer during their many years on television. Can you get 100%?

Answers at the end!

1. "This Is All A Moo Point."


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