Friends Or Two And A Half Men Quotes Quiz: Joey Tribbiani Or Charlie Harper - Who Said It?

Which wild womanizer was the one who said what?


In every sitcom there are always certain stereotypes that seem to surface. Stereotyping in day to day life is not a good thing to do, but on television, there's a different set of rules and it's comedy gold. There is one particular stereotype we are looking at here...the womanizer.

Two of the most notorious womanizers in television history are Joey Tribbiani of Friends and Two and a Half Men's Charlie Harper. They both have a history with countless women, a real struggle with remembering their names and a serious fear of commitment to the women they are involved with. As cruel as it sounds, it is usually played to comedic effect in a way that isn't distasteful.

But how well do you know Joey and Charlie, can you tell who said it?

Answers are at the end!

1. I Prefer To Think Of It As "Three Hookers And A Philly Cheesesteak.


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