Friends: Progressively Crazier Phoebe And Rachel Quiz

Can you remember when Rachel and Phoebe met for the first time?

Rachel Phoebe Friends

They say three's a crowd and it may have been true of the hit tv show Friends. Some of Rachel Green and Phoebe Buffay's best moments were when Monica or Joey weren't around and it was just them two navigating through live in 90s and early 2000s New York.

Kindred spirits, both without the support network of a big brother in their lives throughout the series, it was often fun seeing Rachel and Phoebe bounce off each other with advice, bicker over house furniture and try to stay in shape without killing each other!

But how well do you remember everything that Phoebe and Rachel went through together? Today's quiz will explore a mix of their famous quotes, their most memorable character moments and some True or False conundrums to see whether you truly are a super die-hard fan of all things Central Perk.

Can you remember what Rachel and Phoebe were seeking the owner of when they knocked on their neighbours doors and met the Italian stud Paolo for the first time? Can you remember when Rachel and Phoebe met for the first time or what exercise activity they tried, rather unsuccessfully, to perform together?

Take our quiz and prove your Friends knowledge!

1. True Or False, Rachel Meets Phoebe For The First Time In The Pilot Episode?


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