Friends: Progressively Crazier Rachel & Chandler Quiz

They shared screen time together in 236 episodes of Friends but what can you remember?

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Perhaps the most underrated relationship in Friends is the one shared by Chandler Bing and Rachel Green. Although they don't share that much direct screen time together throughout the series, it's obvious that there's a deep friendship between the pair given how meaningful their interactions often are.

Think of how many times Rachel and Chandler comfort each other after break-ups, emotional distress or personal crises. It's Chandler who encourages Rachel to quit a job she hates to instead pursue a one she would love and if you pay attention to watching Friends closely, you can see that they regularly enjoy lunch times together and are way closer than they may seem.

And let's not forget the flashback episodes where a whole host of sexual chemistry is hinted at between the pair. Had things have been different it may not have been so much Ross and Rachel or Chandler and Monica but perhaps a Rachel and Chandler love affair?

They shared screen time together in 236 episodes of Friends but how much can you really remember about their interactions?

This quiz below should only be tackled by hardcore fans of Friends!

1. True Or False: Chandler Never Kisses Rachel In Friends


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