Friends: Progressively Funnier Chandler Bing Quiz

Dug his action, did you? Checking out the Chan Chan Man.

Friends Chandler

If you are from Generation Z, you are definitely into stuff like Rick and Morty, Stranger Things or any other modern day fad. But these binge worthy shows got themselves a little competition when Netflix started streaming the legendary '90s sitcom, Friends.

The question is, what does a generation who have grown up with access to pretty much everything and anything the internet has to offer, find interesting in a TV show with old phones, beepers or Ms Pacman Arcade Machine? Chances are, it’s Joey Tribianni’s innocently idiotic jokes, or Phoebe’s weird psychic and manipulative impulses. Monica’s highly controlling character, Rachel’s laid-backness or simply Ross constantly finding himself in awkward situations.

If it wasn't any of these, then it must have been Chandler and his sharply sarcastic one liners. As the King of Sarcasm would say “it seems like this Friends thing is here to stay, huh?”.

Let’s see how well you remember the funniest moments of Mathew Perry’s Chandler Bing, who made you hopeless, awkward and desperate for Friends.

Answers at the end!

1. What Did Chandler Offer To Rachel Instead Of Advice?


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