Friends: Progressively Funnier Joey Tribbiani Quiz

You'll need an over-the-odds knowledge of Joey's life on the show to get anywhere near 100%!

Friends Joey

Joey may not be the most responsible, reliable, or intelligent of Friends' six main characters, but there's a strong argument to be made that he's the funniest and most outwardly likeable.

Even if later seasons started to "Flanderise" Joey by making him an almost impossibly stupid caricature, it's tough to deny that there's always been an amusing charm to his shenanigans throughout the series.

Between his fascinating career path as a struggling actor in New York City, his many, many romantic encounters, and his all-timer friendship with Chandler, Joey is responsible for many of Friends' most hilarious and iconic moments. Enough, in fact, that you might struggle to remember even half of them.

And so, how will you fare in this progressively funnier Friends quiz, where you'll need an over-the-odds knowledge of Joey's life and times on the show to get anywhere near 100%?

Only those with a truly encyclopaedic knowledge of Joey's most ridiculous and entertaining moments will be able to score full marks.

But fear not no matter how you do, because the answers are at the end as ever. Good luck!

1. Joey Had An Identical Twin For Which Specific Body Part?


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