Friends: Progressively Harder Chandler Bing True Or False Quiz

Even Joey would struggle with this quiz!

Friends Chandler

Despite being a product of the '90s and early '00s, Friends has held up surprisingly well. While the world the show was born into is vastly different from today, the simplicity of the premise has meant that the show has endured long after it concluded in 2004.

The idea of following a group of friends from their mid 20s to their mid 30s has kept the show relatable to new audiences who continue to be endeared by and relate to Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross.

Each of the six titular friends fill a role that audiences can either recognise in themselves or in their own circle of friends. For example take Chandler, the sarcastic member of the group with a witty one-liner for any situation.

While Chandler started out as the most down-on-his-luck one of the group - being unlucky in love, lacking confidence and often being incredibly immature - by the end of the show he had easily come the furthest from where he started. His journey from brash man-child to a happily married family man is incredibly satisfying to watch.

But just how much of that journey do you remember? Take this quiz and see how far you can get in this progressively harder true or false quiz on the Chan Chan Man.

1. Joey Was Chandler's Flatmate.


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