Friends: Progressively Harder Joey And Chandler Bromance Quiz

How well do you remember J-man and Channy?

Friends Joey Chandler

Despite the heartwarming friendships between the six adorable Friends characters, there is some absolute bromance that connects Joey and Chandler that no fan can deny.

These armchair buddies shared the funniest moments, the coolest beer and even a midnight kiss. It took Joey to lose his fancy apartment that he didn’t even like and Chandler get a new annoying roommate to realise that their friendship was just meant to be. And even when Chandler got married, guess who the best man was “by the power vested in him by the state of New York and the internet guys?”.

From numerous wins and losses of foosball matches to a fight over a girl, these two have somehow managed to treasure their bromance and made it even stronger. But it was not all cuteness and fun! Just remember the annoying scenes with the armchair, Joey being a handyman or snoring in his sleep.

Still, it was Chandler who went so far past the line that couldn’t even see the line! Do you agree? That's not the real question though. The actual ones are here for you.

Answers at the end!

1. What Was The Name Of The Show They Loved Watching Together?


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