Friends: Progressively Harder Joey And Phoebe Quiz

How well do you remember the dynamic duo of Ken Adams and Regina Phalange?

Joey Phoebe

Friends boasted a diverse lineup of characters. There's the practical caring control freak Monica, the funny spirited self-involved Rachel, the weird, eccentric otherworldly Phoebe, the sarcastic insecure goof Chandler, the hopeless romantic/divorcee Ross and the charming, warm-hearted ladies man Joey.

Each character is as significant as the other, creating a bonafide ensemble, and that's why most pairs seem on equal footing: Monica and Rachel, Joey and Chandler, Chandler and Ross. But how can we leave out the unique pairing of them all - Phoebe Buffay and Joey Tribbiani, the Ken Adams and Regina Phalange of New York City.

Joey and Phoebe share a special bond, and their relationship feels like the one that should have been. But their pairing never happened, although they did share numerous and memorable kisses, and Phoebe even agreed to marry him when Joey proposed thinking she was pregnant.

Joey and Phoebe's duo was hilarious throughout ten seasons. Even without the romantic entanglements, whenever the two goofs shared screen time, their personalities created the funniest and most memorable moments, which left fans fostering a special connection with this unique duo.

So, it's time to put that connection to the test and see how much you can remember about these two weird goofballs.

1. Which Foreign Language Did Phoebe Try Teaching Joey?


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